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Three dimensional documentations of  monuments, installations, constructional details with the use of Laser Scanner.

Map International offers complete solutions in the most specialized subject of large-scale geometric documentation, either this concerns industrial installations or historic monuments. Distance measuring with the use of laser has been used in daily surveys and applications for the last three decades. The latest years, the recent technological developments made possible the automated acquisition of large volume data with the technique of three-dimensional laser scanning and enabled their process with modern computer systems.

Laser scanning detects all objects within the visual field of the scanner and collects data in the form of uniformly distributed points on the desired density and with known coordinates X, Y, Z, generating as a direct result a point cloud. In addition, it enables each point to hold the additional color information (actual RGB color) or to be colored with a gray tone, depending on the intensity of the reflected signal. Laser scanning enables the creation of models of high accuracy and detail in a relatively minimum time for every object, landscape, or “scene” of the natural or artificial environment with no restrictions of viewing, shape, size, accessibility, as long as they are visible within the field of the scanner.

The range of the applications of this new technology ensures its innovative character and superiority over traditional survey methods in complex applications. The usual applications include from modelling of small objects and components to the documentation and monitoring of large-scale engineering projects, industrial installations etc. Prominent applications are quarries and industrial sites.

Terrestrial laser scanners are able to acquire a huge amount of points in short time, from some thousands to 500.000 points per minute (depending on the function used). They achieve accuracies from 50mm to some mm. This ability makes the terrestrial laser scanners valuable tools for the creation of 3D models of monuments and cultural heritage objects of different dimensions, from very small to very large, and of various complexities.

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