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Online management and supply of geodata.

In every Geographic Information System the most valuable and most important part is the naturally geospatial data. Organizations spend the largest part of their GIS budget for the acquisition, processing and classification of the geospatial data needed for the project. Therefore, the geospatial data base is very valuable and has to be safeguarded, concerning its validity,  ease of use and organization.

We develop geoportal solutions for Municipalities, government and private organizations. Together with our partners, we have developed the “Web Application Manipulation Platform” that enables our clients to view and process their data in a simple and user-friendly way, on internet or intranet. Our platform provides the following:

• User Input POI Tool: point data (interested, shops etc.)
Attachments Tool: connection of digital files with geographic points
Layers Tool: geographic data management for projection on the map (selection, input, delete and geographic data input in the web application)
Web Applications Tool: application creation
Users/Groups Tool: users’ management
Service Area Tools: creation of coverage areas around the selected point. The coverage areas are geographic polygons (areas) that depict the distance to be travelled from a point (e.g. shop) within a certain time limit. For example, the number of potential customers within 10 minutes walking  distance.
Demographics Tool: demographic data for a certain coverage area. Actual population within 10 minutes walking distance from the shop.