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Geographic Data Distribution for decision making and crisis management systems.

Map International acquired extensive database of geo-coded data. We always respect and protect the copyright and licensing of all data we use and provide. The use sophisticated equipment (HW & SW), our highly trained personnel, the rich experience that we gained from many successful projects, together with the large number of satisfied users (in both government and private organizations) ensure the validity and accuracy of the data sets we supply. Data quality control of very strict specifications has been performed, with consistency and responsibility. All data is processed in-house, even the primary acquisition, avoiding the digitization of existing base maps, by using aerial and satellite imagery and ground updates by our well trained teams.

The supply of geographic data is the main element for the design and creation of geographic information-finding services and for the implementation of decision making geographic information systems (GIS). We have successfully created a large number of services that we can be integrate into commercial applications, developed for web, desktop or mobile platforms. The applications range from data search, routing, and mode of transportation to  estimation of  geographic area’s coverage at specific time, fleet tracking and fleet management, from market research,  monitoring and management of incidents, to the management of hazardous incidents and crisis prevention, civil prevention, statistical research and analysis and more.

Map uses different aerial photography and vehicle-based platforms to acquire the necessary geometric and thematic information. Our focus is on the continuous update and improvement of our data sets.