Aerial Photography with use of metric digital Cameras.

Map International plans and carries out aerial photography for the acquisition of aerial images in high resolution. Over the last years, in cooperation with Blom Aerofilms, Aerodata and Geomatics, we have used many specially equipped aircrafts, depending on the different specifications of each flight.

For each project we obtain the required flight permissions from the relevant Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). All the aircrafts are equipped with the latest generation of high-resolution digital photogrammetric aerial cameras (Vexcel, DMC, A3), and the necessary software for the correct monitoring of the process of the aerial photography. Besides image capturing, GPS/IMU data is collected for the center of every image captured. The GPS/IMU data describe the position and orientation of the camera at the time of the photo taking and provide the required accuracy with fewer ground control points. This results in the acceleration of the production process and less field work.

As a general rule, the flights take place during the spring or summer seasons when the sun’s angle and lighting conditions are suitable for such operations. Exceptionally, depending on the particular project’s time constraints, flights might take place outside the typical flight season, with a higher level of difficulty and uncertainty since due to unfavorable weather conditions, such as cloud coverage.

Depending on the national security regulations, we co-operate with local civil or military authorities in order to comply the national security regulations and procedures. The data is checked and sensitive and classified areas are digitally obscured.

We carry out aerial imagery capture for small areas as well as for regional or country wide coverage, with typical resolutions ranging from few centimeters to one meter. Digital aerial photography is a valuable product of great importance in applications of quick and detailed mapping.

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