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Map International has developed automated geospatial data acquisition and processing procedures using the latest methods in geographic data production services. The sophisticated equipment (H/W & S/W), the human resources, the experience and expertise earned from relevant projects as well as the great number of satisfied users of the data in Public and Privates Services and Organizations, guarantee the valid and accurate data that the company possess. Data quality control of very strict specifications has been established with consistency and responsibility. Furthermore, all data (road network, points of interest) are processed within the company, even those of primal acquisition, avoiding the digitizing of existing base maps and using aerial and satellite images as well as ground-based updates from suitably equipped and trained teams.
For the creation of large scale digital base maps (1:1.000 – 1:5.000) aerial images of scales 1:40.000 – 1:5.000 and topographic maps were initially used. Subsequently, a wide variety of updates with differential GPS and self-propelled receivers. Respectively, digital data of small scale (1:100.000 – 1:50.000) originate initially from digitizing of topographic maps and later from the usage orthophotomaps from satellite images. The updating is continuous until today.
In collaboration with Terra Ltd., for the total terrain of Greece and Cyprus are available:
Digital terrain model: grid size 5m and 20m, accuracy better than 2m
Road network: road network mapping of 320.404 km, scale 1:5.000. Mapping of 735 settlements with full navigation data. Fully structured and categorized for use in navigation systems (it includes information of name, number, direction, restrictions, category and speed limits). The categories included are highways, urban highways, national roads, main local roads, local roads, primary urban roads, secondary urban roads, urban roads, pedestrian roads, roofed passageways, dirt roads, boat network, and rail network.
Points Of Interest (POI): The points are structured in 29 main categories and 339 subcategories. The main categories are: Religion, Sports,  Casinos, Sights, Transport, ATM, Culture – Recreation, Car, Gas Stations, Industrial Parks, Conference Centers, Gastronomy, Border Stations, Public Services, Security Forces, Public Spaces, Tourism, Accommodation, Banks, Exhibition Centers, Health, Super Markets, Natural Attractions, Chain Stores. In total, there are 81.000 points of interest and 58.000 place names apart from settlements names and 1.500.000 distinct addresses.
Street blocks:  Street blocks of scale 1:5.000 for 607 settlements linked with the following population and demographic data of the 2001 ELSS census: Block’s Code ELSS 2001, Municipality Name, ELSS 2001 Municipality Code, Full ELSS 2001 code, Actual population, Resident population, Number or permanent households, Number of dwellings, Number of private dwellings, Number of rented dwellings, Occupied dwellings,  Number of unoccupied dwellings, Main occupied dwellings, Vacation or secondary dwellings, Number of Women, Number of Men, Resident population aged 0-14, Resident population aged 15-64, Resident population aged 65 and over.