Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) have made significant development recently. This technology, which is practically a dynamic mapping system, has replaced many traditional methods of topographical survey. The reason is that it provides data of high accuracy and in a short time but also due to the wide range of applications in which it can be used. It is actually the cooperation of four different technologies operating under the same measuring platform:
•    System’s absolute position detection using GPS
•    INS rotations detection
•    Measurements on stereo images
•    3D laser scanning (optional)

The platform, usually placed on the roof of a vehicle, consists of a GPS-GNSS measuring in double phase for real-time positioning, INS for the specification of the platform’s rotations and accelerations and two or more cameras for the acquisition of color digital images or panoramic video cameras. This system, controlled by the operator from the inside of the vehicle using a suitable software, enables quick acquisition of highly accurate measurements of the space around the vehicle while it moves with a speed of more than 90 km/h.
The applications of this methodology are really limitless. It enables direct record of Utilities Networks, road networks, road markings, road condition, buildings and construction views, properties boundaries, name and numbers of streets, stores, elevations, manholes, collection bins etc. The combination of thematic data acquisition with geometric accuracy (it can exceed 10cm in some cases) in a very short time, is really unbeatable.