Georeferences and Thematic Basemap Digitizing

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Digital technology has contributed remarkably in the improvement of the delivered product, the minimizing of production time and the timeless maintenance of the initial quality of the delivered archive. The application of Digital Technology in analogue plans and archive plans is given but is not always available to users. As a result, a great number of plans are provided in analogue form and are subjects of deterioration over time. At the same time, their process and update is very difficult.
Map International takes on the digitizing of these plans in high resolution, their geographic readjustment, the transformation of their image information into vector and their update based on recent photogrammetric or not basemaps of high definition and accuracy. Map International has already georeferenced, digitized and processed, for the project of ePoleodomia alone and for the whole country, more than 100.000 urban plans with dates of issue from 1880 until today.
The existent maps are categorized in the following categories, regarding their projection system:
•    Maps in HATT 6’x6’ projection system
•    Maps in HATT 30’x30’ projection system
•    Maps in independent projection system or with no projection system
•    Maps in EGSA87 projection system
These plans are transformed from analogue to digital and then, with the application of the suitable transformation, are georefenced from the old projection system to the one required. Afterwards, the image information is turned into vector and with the use of photogrammetric methods in recent images the plan is updated. Finally comes the creation of the final deliverable product.
Georeference is the rectification of an image with the use of geometric transformations and the resampling of the pixels of the images obtained by map scanning in new images referenced on the desired projection system. At the same time, systematic errors of the maps are erased (distortions of the map, the scanner, the projection system etc.).