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Map International products are made by utilising the latest technologies of satellite and high-resolution imaging, aerial photography and flight services, modelling, and field monitoring. The main products vary from small-scale touristic maps, land use and/or land cover maps, survey for cadastral applications, cadastral maps and acreage measuring, to complex surveys for the geometric documentation of monuments and mapping and of industrial facilities.
The map data are produced with strict quality control standards. They are based on modern aerial and satellite images, but also on field crews’ updates which are properly equipped and trained. The data is always up-to-date, while also GPS techniques are used.
Map International provides Products Guarantee and maintains bi-annual up-dates frequently at no cost to clients.
Map International provides high quality services based on the expertise of our experienced staff and logistic infrastructure. Our services are provided either for projects of the Public Sector in which the Company participates, e.g. services for Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organization, for National Cadastral and Mapping Agency, and private organizations and companies.

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