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In our times, the applications of Geoinformatics are used in almost all decision making centers and are a great tool even in fields that haven’t had direct relation with map compositions.
With the use of modern technology and information management software solutions, we can now use geographic information in order to:
•    Answer spatial questions
•    Create thematic maps and models
•    Analyze data geometrically, spatially, temporally
•    Make decisions and find optimum solutions
Map International, with the support of Terra Ltd. and having recognized the great development of these applications and the huge potential of their use, has invested not only in the commercial software products but also in the programming of open source applications. The company creates smart maps that provide answers in spatial or descriptive questions, data analysis and multiple information combinations.
These applications extend to the traditional cadastral register surveys, demographic data analysis, urban planning, utilities networks, real estate, market analysis, business plans etc.
Having at our disposal these important and smart tools of spatial and descriptive data management, geoinformatics provides quality solutions in spatial problems in a fast, accurate and easy way.