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Today, the geometric documentation of a construction or of the earth ground has evolved rapidly, with the use of airborne, self-propelled and ground based systems. Investing in modern technology, Map International has created a digital model of geographic data production for all kinds of formats, meeting the desired specifications. For modern documentations, the company uses state-of-the-art equipment. The means of support are specially equipped vehicles for mobile mapping, airborne receivers (manned and unmanned), specially modulated high-speed crafts for the approach of remote areas or uninhabited islands and islets and satellite images.
Map International takes on projects of topographic maps production, mapping services and is an expert in the creation of specialized thematic maps. Special fields like Forest Map creation, large scale surveys, constructions modelling, observation of temporal changes in use, remote sensing analysis surveys, mobile surveys and point clouds acquisition from robotic systems. All these mentioned above are fields for which Map International has solutions providing plans of every scale and thematic information.
Map International has participated in very big projects of base maps creation by producing orthophotomaps in a national level for the Greek National Cadaster, digitizing all the country’s analogue archive for the creation of the online planning agency and surveying cultivations for the national subsidy program. In addition, it creates 3D city models for the area measurement of properties in Municipalities, having created an archive of more than 300 settlements of Greece.
Map International, having gained all this precious experience, is able to produce the most up-to-date geographical data that meet the strictest specifications, quickly and effectively.