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Urban Planning is the science of the construction of the city. Urban planning began historically as an application of the architectural thought to the city scale, in a place that is much wider than that of the building or the building complex. Today, urban planning and the related field of regional planning are completely autonomous academically and scientifically as an independent branch of engineering science.

Map International has particularly invested in urban planning applications and offers services that cover the whole range of the needs that arise. A significantly important project of the Company is the transition of all available Town Plan information (Maps and Building Construction Regulations) accessed from all Prefectural Town Plan Agencies of Greece in a digital and homogeneous form. The project “Electronic Urban Planning: Geographic Information Systems for the Prefectural Authorities of the Country” is the implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Urban Planning, which will provide both to certified members of Public Urban Planning Agencies and citizens (engineers, land owners, land investors) valid, continually up-to-date information for all public geospatial and descriptive data produced within procedures of urban planning in the Greek Territory. This system aims at making the operation of Public Agencies more effective and is expected to contribute to better services for citizens by providing the adequate and classified information concerning the rules and regulations of the current planning legislation and its spatial scope.

Map International, within the framework of the project, creates an IT e-Urban Planning system, resulting from the establishment of a Spatial Urban Planning Data Base, up to the level of town blocks for the areas within approved Town Plans, in accordance with current planning legislation. Generally, the necessary work for establishing the spatial database includes digitizing of all available Urban Plan maps and their related data, such as:
Original Town Plans and Settlement Plans
Land Use and Zoning Plans
Town Plan Alterations and Revisions
Town Plan Implementation maps
Documentation of descriptive Information for Land Use and Building Construction Regulations