Geospatial Indexes

Geoprocessing is the process of management of geographic data. The geoprocessing services developed by the company include services of geocoding, search (address, town, point of interest), information of point, routing, service areas and real time information. The geoprocessing services are a necessary component of webGIS and mobile applications of Map International.
Geocoding is the process during which geographic data like addresses, points of interest etc. are correlated with geographic coordinates. Reverse Geocoding is the reverse process, the positioning of geographic data from geographic coordinates. Map International, in collaboration with Terra Ltd. offers geocoding services with the use of the software “Terra Excel Geocoder”.
The search services enable positioning of points (address, town/village, point of interest) on the map. The searches are performed by the advanced Free Search Algorithm that allows the import of text in free form e.g. “gym in New Smirni”, part of the text e.g. “Rest”, in incomplete form e.g. “Kifisias 30”, with spelling mistakes and/or even Latin characters.
The routing application allows the transport mode choice (on foot, by car, public transport), the route choice (faster or shorter route, ring avoidance etc.) as well as the necessary stops (best combination finding, first/last stop saving). Furthermore, the application enables the segmentation of a geographic area and vehicles’ routing in a certain sector.
Service Areas calculates the area of the geographical region traveled by the vehicle from the start point in predetermined time limit e.g. in 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the service performs statistical analysis of the demographic data of the area e.g. population, age pyramids, income data etc. Real Time Information Services provide information on on-duty pharmacies and hospitals and liquid fuels prices. There is also the option to include information like events, public markets etc.