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The subject of these services is the development of an integrated IT system that allows the complete registration, documentation and management of information registered in files of Private Estates and other objects of the real estate Property and the digitizing and import of existent archive material (files, maps, plans) in a developing database.
With this IT system, effective management and exploitation of the Private Property is possible as well as the clear action planning and decision making that concern Private Property. The more effective management is achieved through the gathering in a unified database of all relative information, descriptive and geographic. Direct consequence of this is the use of this system as a better base for decision making regarding relative actions like supervision, documentation and financial management of the property.
The Integrated IT Property system consists of two parts, one suggested operation logic for the dealing with relevant situations (e.g. actions to be taken in order to document the ownership of a real estate) and Geographic information Management System of Private Property.
The Geographic information Management System offers functionality which unifies the digital information (geographic and other) on a database and allows the representation on the end user’s environment in the form of digital, interactive maps. Map International, with the cooperation of XYZ and Terra Ltd., has successfully implemented projects for five large organizations until today, documenting the data of 20.000 real estate.
The objectives of these services are:
•    The precise marking and registration of the real estate property in an IT system with the use of modern representations of the geographic information. The ultimate goal is the protection of the property through National Cadastral Register or even before this procedure to be energized for the area of interest.
•    The creation of an infrastructure that can be evolved into a system-tool of decision making based on Geographic Information System. This system will be able to objectively estimate the value of real estate aiming at its objective exploitation.