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Monument Documentations is a special subject with complex requirements but of great interest, due to the historic and cultural significance. Combinations of methods are required, aiming to achieve very high accuracies (scale larger than 1:50). The geometric documentation of a monument is the first stage of every conservation and restoration work. These specific requirements together with high accuracy of the deliverables make the geometric documentation of monuments a very demanding work.

In most solutions of monuments documentation with photogrammetric methods, laser scanning data and photographs are combined as well as the use of very sophisticated means like full frame cameras, UAV, thermal cameras etc..

The most important specifications are:
•    large relief displacement
•    the technique of photοgraphy and the need for big sufficient image overlap in order to achieve occultation elimination
•    the choice of the suitable projection layer for the orthophotos of the views
•    the maintenance of relatively stable rotations and stable ground pixel size
•    the limitations in use of mobile or remotely operated means
•    the high traffic of the sites

Map International shows particular sensitivity in this kind of documentations and its founder has participated as a supervisor in documentations of 14 monuments and archaeological sites. The company’s experience expands in data acquisition with airplane, helicopter, remotely operated vehicle, balloon, duopod and telescopic pole. The documentation scales range from 1:10 to 1:50.