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The European Community has obliged the Member States to invest in renewable resources of energy and aims at a 20% of the total energy to will have been obtained from these sources by 2020. The impressive technological development in renewable resources of energy helps greatly and, nowadays, alternative resources of solar, wind and tidal energy supply the countries minimizing the emissions of carbon dioxide.
Greece has the longest sunshine duration in Europe and the morphology of Greek islands create string airstreams. As a result, Greece is a potential provider with great production capacity.
Especially in the sector of Wind Energy ashore, the development is continuous because the last years there is a rapid increase in production capacity of the offshore wind energy in the whole Europe as well.
Map International provides the investors with the necessary data for the analysis of their plans and offers the necessary mapping in studies of renewable energy resources projects. Apart from the services of archive geographical data provisions in many regions of Greece, the company has created from the beginning all necessary basemaps for an area of 80km² in South Evoia, Greece for a wind farm. However, the company’s biggest project in this field is the elevation study with airborne Lidar of the Desert on the South of the Gulf of Suez in Egypt, an area of 160km².
From the feasibility study to the last stage, the Company is able to offer in all stages of a project.