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Transportation is the most important infrastructure of every country and demands continuous development and maintenance. The services managing the maintenance and monitor road networks face difficulties on a daily basis. Of prime importance is the safety of travelling and thus services should have accurate information about the road condition, markings, weather conditions and their impact on the network. In addition, they should have at their disposal all the information available required for the network’s expansion, reinforcement and change.
Map International uses all modern technologies for its services, investing in the mobile mapping solution with the use of stereo images, video recording and mobile laser scanning. With the use of these methodologies, direct documentation of road markings or even small details like deteriorations of the road can be achieved.
The Company is documenting today the as build of excavations for fiber optic installations alongside the road network while it is creating a road network register by documenting all related geometric features like striping, markings, kind and condition of signs, curbs, road dividers, manholes and ditches.
What is more, it provides services of documentation of transportation networks either with laser scanner of photogrammetrically, with aerial images of high resolution and accuracy. The results of the use of these products are the minimizing of investigations and the optimizing of security with lower cost.